Read your own work

Alchemy is a forum for trying out material and fostering new works. We encourage you to bring recent works or works in progress. Do not bring your well worn "classics" or the last piece you work-shopped in your university creative writing class - show us what you're working on now!

Do you charge admission?

No. Alchemy is a volunteer effort on behalf of all those involved. The space is donated by the venue, but contributions are welcome.

How do I sign up for the open mic?

If you wish to read at the open mic, come early. If you don’t see a sign up sheet being passed around, just ask at the bar or someone who looks like they know what’s going on.

Can I perform or sing a song?

We welcome readings and performances of all sorts. Performers have a maximum of 7 minutes stage time, limited to 2 songs, 3 original poems or 1 story or performance piece.

Is this evening in English?

Alchemy is primarily an English language venue and the majority of audience members speak English as a first language. However, we have a particular interest in presenting Central European writing in English language translations and encourage the participation of writers and performers with a first language other than English.

Does the work I read have to be original?

The simple answer is yes, although it is understood that an actor can perform a monologue from a famous play or a musician can play a cover, of course. However, Alchemy is primarily a forum for inspiring and helping to develop original work.