December 28, 2017

February 5, 2018 Feature: Urban Space Epics

Urban Space Epics is a project started by author/programmer/performance-poet Darrell Jónsson in the 1980s as a framework to combine 20th century experimental film techniques, innovative music, and epic narrative chants with live expanded cinema. These sung stories along with expanded film techniques improvise within a Homeric structure to illustrate colorful trans-cultural adventures. Jónsson is an honorary member of the Northern California Light Artist Guild, a member of the Center for Visual Music and has published 4 chapbooks of poetry and short stories.A Kindle-eBook version of Jonsson's stories entitled XYL: The Spectacular Suicides of the Acrobats of Logic and Reason is available on Amazon. His musical collaboration with folklorist/musician Matej Kratochvil entitled Studio 17 Duets was recently released on the Czech-Finnish label Meteroismo.

XYL: The Spectacular Suicides of the Acrobats of Logic and Reason

Jónsson & Kratochvíl - Studio 17 Duets
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