June 6, 2017

John Domini - July 10, 2017

Monday, July 10 (second Monday!) 7-9:30pm

NEW VENUE: Hybernská 4, Prague 1, (City Arts Complex of Charles University)
John Domini has earned rare praise for his new set of short stories, MOVIEOLA!  (Dzanc Books). Critics are calling it “the smartest kind of fun” and “a glory.” The book offers a romp through the cineplex of the moviemaker’s mind, in which the usual heroes, the superman or the assassin or the sports star, are trotted out for various dry runs. We recognize the story outlines, but we’ve never seen them so twisted. Domini also has two other story collections in print, and three novels. He's well-known in the US, with a number of awards, as well as criticism and journalism in many journals, including the New York Times. He has taught at at Harvard, Northwestern, and elsewhere, and as a performer, he keep things lively. Q & A afterward, and more information at www.johndomini.com.

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