December 2, 2013

Buenos Aires, Final Destination!

This month's Alchemy featured extracts from a fantastic new production called "Buenos Aires, Final Destination!", currently playing to packed houses in Vinohrady. The play captures the life stories of people who emigrated to Argentina during the years 1900 - 1946. Using short stories, it attempts to show what was felt and experienced by Europeans in the 1st half of the 20th century.

What compelled them to emigrate? Was it the economic situation during crises and world wars, overthrowing of political regimes, persecution, lost love or only their desire for change and better life in their dream country?

These stories are about a strong and courageous group of people who were able to change their lives overnight, leave everything and undergo a long journey on a ship with an uncertain end. These people gave foundations to what is called today the Argentine tango.

The actors playing in this drama are advanced dancers and teachers of Prague's Buenos Aires Tango school.

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