March 3, 2008

Anthony Marais

Anthony Marais was born in Hollywood, California in 1966. During the 1980s he co-founded a Los Angeles pop-group called "The Squids," before heading to Paris to study language and art history. Later, he studied anthropology at U.C. Berkeley, focusing on the prehistory of Polynesia; and then at Simon Fraser University in Canada where he holds a Master’s Degree in Archaeology and wrote a thesis on fortifications in Tonga.

Since 1995, he has been living in Germany where he teaches screenwriting and is an active part of cinema and literary communities. His writing focuses on culture, alchemy and the tendency of people to follow delusions. He is author of The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Californians, Delusionism, a screenplay Plateau, and a novel, The Cure.

Anthony will be accompanied by Ludmila Sovadinová on viola.