March 4, 2013

Alex Went

Named after Twickenham dwarf, mock-heroic scourge and social prick Alexander Pope, Alex Went first arrived in the Golden City in August 1991, although he settled here (like a famished bluebottle on a Vinohrady stinker) only in 2009.

Since then he has toyed with, and twice rejected, the idea of starting a wig and beauty-spot salon, floored on each occasion by the grim necessity of getting a proper job. In his new role at the British Chamber of Commerce, he is aiming to tickle the plackets of nobility and ruffle the feathers of poetasters from Dejvice to Depo Hostivar and all points between.

Alex is the author of a number of stage musicals based on nineteenth-century novels, including Jekyll and The Time Machine, as well as a dramatization of The Diary of Petr Ginz. His poems have been published in GRASP, and since coming to the Czech Republic he has also reviewed for The Prague Post and