December 12, 2002

Jull Dajen, Vincent Farnsworth and Thor Garcia

Jull Dajen is in our case a trio, but usually a band of six musicians from all over the Czech Republic. They play an interesting mix of "jazz-folk inspired by renaissance". Thor Garcia is one of the most exciting practitioners of the "new writing" movement, Thor Garcia is the author of "Tund" and "Smell" (both published by The Adam Moss Group). Mr. Garcia currently resides in Prague. Vincent Farnsworth - as a poet, managing editor of the late journal JEJUNE:a.e.i.y., Vincent Farnsworth does Deep Poetics like none other. A longtime Prague resident, he is the author of "Immortal Whistleblower" (Lavender Ink - New Orleans).

Jull Dajen

Thor Garcia

Vincent Farnsworth