June 4, 2012

Peter Le Couteur

This month the musically gifted and startlingly well-dressed man about town Mr. Peter Le Couteur will be our feature act. Many Praguers will already be familiar with his manifold and multiplicitous talents, if not you are in for a treat... the aural equivalent of a big tub of Ben and Jerry's slathered in hot fudge sauce.

PLC is an English singer-songwriter living in Prague, whose jazz-influenced, high intensity anti-folk has been described as "a cross between Tom Waits and Bertie Wooster". With songs about tragic Greek myths, 1970s cults, and 19th Century whaling, PLC is known for his dark, wry lyrics, three octave vocal range, and heavily syncopated, self-taught piano style. He is in the process of recording his first album, New Myths, and plays in a variety of small venues around Prague.