November 7, 2011

Gail Whitmore

The Human Jukebox was scheduled as part of the Alchemy Prague Readings and Performance Series, but didn't happen for technical reasons, so we had an open-mic and hope to welcome Gail sometimes soon.

After training in and performing opera for fifteen years in her hometown of NYC, Gail Whitmore moved to Prague and became the Human Jukebox. Gail knows a lot of songs...a lot. So she jotted down 2,000 of them in a veritable cornucopia of genres - rock, rap, opera, metal, gospel, musicals, TV commercials, etc.

During this interactive show the audience members get to holler at her whichever song they'd like her to perform and she will do it unaccompanied and from memory. Fo' realz. The madness culminates in a medley of audience requests that has been known to make a body laugh til they pee.

For video clips and reviews visit (and join!) her Facebook Fan Page at:
You can also find her on Twitter at: @HumanJukeboxGW