June 7, 2010

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson was born in Cornwall and studied at the University of Exeter, where he later lectured part-time in musicology. He now lives in Jersey and runs the PoAttic reading series at the Jersey Opera House. His first collection, the arboretum towards the beginning, was published by Shearsman Books in 2008 and Holes in the Map appeared from Oystercatcher Press in 2010.

A Haunting, a collection of lipogram sonnets, is due from Skald later this year. Stride magazine described the arboretum... as 'a remarkable first collection from an important new talent' while, according to Luke Kennard, 'this poetry poses the question, what if Absurdism were underpinned not by suspect political posturing, but by compassion? And its answer I'll be revisiting for years to come.'