December 5, 2010

Maureen Jivani

Maureen Jivani’s poetry has been published online and in print in The United Kingdom, America, Australia and New Zealand. She has an MPhil in writing from The University of Glamorgan.

Her pamphlet My Shinji Noon and her first full collection of poetry, Insensible Heart was published by Mulfran Press in 2009. Insensible Heart has been short listed for The London Festival Fringe Award 2010. Maureen lives in Bookham England and is now working on her second collection of poetry and a book of short stories.


November 7, 2010

Twisted Spoon Book Release: Karel Hynek Macha - May

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Karel Hynek Macha this November with the release of the new English-language translation of May, Macha’s epic masterpiece.

This is the first English translation of May in more than 50 years. With us for this event will be the translator, Marcela Sulak, who will also be reading from her recently published poetry collection Immigrant (Black Lawrence Press, 2010)

Marcela Malek Sulak is the author of the poetry chapbook Of All the Things That Don’t Exist, I Love You Best (Finishing Line Press, 2008). She has translated three book-length collections of poetry, Karel Hynek Macha’s May and Karel Jaromir Erben’s Bouquet, from the Czech (Twisted Spoon Press, 2005 & forthcoming in 2010) and Mutombo Nkulu-N’Sengha’s Bela-Wenda, from the French (Host Publications, forthcoming in 2010).

Her poetry has recently appeared in such journals as Fence, The Indiana Review, Drunken Boat, River Styx and The Notre Dame Review. She has lived and worked as a free-lance writer and instructor in Germany, the Czech Republic, Venezuela and Israel. She has worked as an Assistant Professor of Literature at American University and currently directs the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Bar-Ilan University.

“Marcela Sulak has beautifully maintained the same style of poetic language as Macha...”
— Slavic and East European Journal

October 3, 2010

Catherine Hales

Catherine Hales grew up by the Thames in England between Windsor and Staines and has lived in Germany since 1990. She lives in Berlin with her plants and books in the "Bohemian Village" district.

Her poetry and translations have been published in many print and online magazines in the UK, the US and Europe, and she is an organiser of the Berlin 'Poetry Hearings' festival. Her pamphlet out of mind appeared in 2006. Her first full collection, hazard or fall, and a book of translations, Berlin Fresco.

Selected Poems of Norbert Hummelt, were published by Shearsman Books in 2010, as was her pamphlet a bestiary of so[nne][r]ts by Oystercatcher Press. She is included in the 2010 Shearsman anthology Infinite Difference. Other Poetry by UK Women Poets edited by Carrie Etter.

About ‘hazard of fall,’ Stephan Delbos writers in GRASP, “The best poems in the book are all the more successful for what they risk, and finally achieve: fresh language which expresses the chaos of life in the 21st century, but does not sacrifice human warmth and the sure intelligence of tradition.”

September 5, 2010

Gordon Carrega

Gordon Carrega's work has been published in magazines such as Five Fingers Review, Hanging Loose, and The Paris Review. His first collection of prose, Back Gate appeared in 2005. Born in Guyana, he spent his adolescence in Brooklyn, New York and lived in California for many years. Since 1988 he has lived in Berlin.

Also featured: Saratolina - a musical, visual, vocal, poetry project directed by Sara Quiroga Navarro -

June 7, 2010

Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson was born in Cornwall and studied at the University of Exeter, where he later lectured part-time in musicology. He now lives in Jersey and runs the PoAttic reading series at the Jersey Opera House. His first collection, the arboretum towards the beginning, was published by Shearsman Books in 2008 and Holes in the Map appeared from Oystercatcher Press in 2010.

A Haunting, a collection of lipogram sonnets, is due from Skald later this year. Stride magazine described the arboretum... as 'a remarkable first collection from an important new talent' while, according to Luke Kennard, 'this poetry poses the question, what if Absurdism were underpinned not by suspect political posturing, but by compassion? And its answer I'll be revisiting for years to come.'

May 3, 2010

Prague Anthology (1990-2010) Book Launch

A celebration of the publication of Prague Anthology (1990-2010) called The Return of Kral Majales.
Prague Anthology is a survey of the English-language literary scene in Prague during the last twenty years--writers, publishers, journals, zines, books, translations, festivals and reading series. The anthology is edited by Louis Amand and published by LPB (

The anthology includes the work of over 50 writers/editors/publishers active in Prague international literary community between 1990 and 2010; generously illustrated with archival photos, portraits, film-stills and memorabilia; and complemented by a comprehensive bibliography of English-language literary journals, chapbook series, anthologies, book publications, reading series, festivals, theatre productions and experimental film.

Writer/Editor Louis Armand presented an overview of the Prague English-language literary scene, followed by select readings from the publication. The evening will continue with an open mic of music, poetry and prose, as we embark on the next decade of English-language literature and performance in Prague.


Michal Ajvaz, Jorn Ake, Gwendolyn Albert, Hana Andronikova, Louis Armand, Julie Ashley, Alex Barber, Kip Allan Bauersfeld, Kevin Blahut, Petr Borkovec, Sarah Borufka, Michael Brennan, Bil Brown, Anna Bryson, Alexandra Buchler, Isobelle Carmody, Vera Chase, Lou Charbonneau, Julie Chibbaro, Joshua Cohen, Laura Conway, Christopher Cook, Christopher Crawford, Lewis Crofts, Pierre Daguin, Barbara Day, Stephan Delbos, Danika Dinsmore, David Doubek, Daniela Drazanova, Vit Erban, G.S. Evans, Robert Eversz, Vincent Farnsworth, Sylva Fischerova, David Freeling, Jim Freeman, Michaela Freeman, Stuart Friebert, Robert Gal, Thor Garcia, Myla Goldberg, Elizabeth Gross, Bernie Higgins, Stuart Horwitz, Howard Hunt, Travis Jeppesen, Ivan Martin Jirous, Alexander Jorgensen, Richard Katrovas, Jane Kirwan, Jana Klepetarova, Eva Klimentova, Vit Kremlicka, Maya Kvetny, Toby Litt, Christopher Lord, Paul Martia, Jason Mashak, Tom McCarthy, John McKeown, Maureen McManus, Joshua Mensch, Tomas Mika, Ewald Murrer, Ken Nash, Scott Jonathan Nixon, Andrew Oakland, Peter Orner, Tony Ozuna, Iva Pekarkova, Katerina Pinosova, Jaroslav Pizl, Magdalena Platzova, Paul Polansky, Justin Quinn, James Ragan, Martin Reiner, Tim Rogers, Katerina Rudcenkova, Jaroslav Rudis, Simon Safranek, Revan Schendler, Theodore Schwinke, Patrick Seguin, Bethany Shaffer, Joe Sherman, Phil Shoenfelt, David Short, Howard Sidenberg, Jenny Smith, Donna Stonecipher, Holly Tavel, Jeri Theriault, Alan Ward Thomas, Anthony Tognazzini, Lukas Tomin, Nicole Tomlinson, Jachym Topol, Petra Vachunova, David Vichnar, Lawrence Wells, Alice Whittenburg, Clare Wigfall, Laura Zam, Lucien Zell, Alex Zucker.


Louis Armand is director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. His work has appeared in TriQuarterly, Poetry Review, Sulfur and Stand, as well as The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry, The Best Australian Poetry 2008, and Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets. He has published books of criticism and prose fiction as well as a number of collections of poetry, including Inexorable Weather (Arc, 2001), Land Partition (Textbase, 2001), Strange Attractors (Salt, 2003), Malice in Underland (Textbase, 2003) and Picture Primitive (Antigen, 2006). He is the editor of Contemporary Poetics (Northwestern UP, 2007) and co-editor of the journal VLAK: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts.

April 5, 2010

Hannah Silva

Hannah Silva is a writer and performer whose distinctive style combines the physicality of theatre with energetic, fast-paced poetry. She composes speech, choreographs language, and exploits 'double tonguing' to create a unique form of spoken word performance.

Her recent works include You Said/I Said with percussionist Alexis Kirke; Panopticon, a darkly humourous investigation of language, belonging and Britishness; and Boat on the Water, a poetry/dance/theatre performance set on a yacht in Plymouth.

March 1, 2010

Justin Quinn

Justin Quinn was born in Dublin in 1968 and has lived in Prague since 1993, where he works at the Charles University. He has published four collections of poems, most recently Waves & Trees (2006), and also a book of translations of the Czech poet, Petr Borkovec, From the Interior (2008)

photo © Michal Mecner

February 1, 2010

Elizabeth Baines

Elizabeth Baines is the prizewinning author of prose fiction and plays for radio and stage. Her short-story collection, Balancing on the Edge of the World, was published by Salt in 2007 to much acclaim. Salt also published her new book, Too Many Magpies, a novel about our rational and irrational fears in a changing and newly precarious world.

The novelist Clare Dudman said of Elizabeth Baines: '[She] is a superb stylist - a latter-day fabulist in fact - and her writing reminded me of Chekhov's in that it was spare and paid attention to the subtleties of everyday experience.'


January 4, 2010

David E. Oprava

Alchemy welcomes David back to Prague to celebrate the release of his second book, a 96-page epic poem about the folly and promise of the American ideal. It was recently released on American Mettle Books (November 2009).

David has been in over ninety journals online and in print and his first full-length book of poems VS. was released in October 2008 by Erbacce Press. He is also the founding publisher and editor of the small poetry press, Grievous Jones.

You can find him at