December 7, 2009


The Prague-based rock band Povetron started as a semi-acoustic project of two singers/songwriters in 2002; a Karel Capek novel inspired the name, which translates as "a shooting star". In the following years the band underwent multiple lineup changes and gradually turned into a three-piece band.

Despite all of these transformations there has always been a great emphasis on original songs, which feature lyrics in English and combine pop-sensitivity with at times rather raw guitar sounds. The current line-up of Povetron includes the singer and guitarist Jakub Mihalik who is also the author of the band's material, the bassist Lukas Holoubek and the drummer Honza Martinek.

In 2009 Povetron released their first CD with 16 songs called Apples & Oranges. The band cites Big Star, Television, The Replacements, Husker Dü and Teenage Fanclub as their influences.