September 1, 2008

Jeremy Saxon

Jeremy first came to Prague in 1993. He has performed in most of the watering holes of this city, including many which now exist only in the memories of their long-ago patrons.

Jeremy's parents were urban folksingers and sang to their children during car trips - often songs that included the gory deaths of heroes and lovers. He wrote his first song at age seven, while he and his brother were riding bikes to the store for candy and comic books.

Receiving an FM radio at a vulnerable age, just when San Francisco underground stations were hitting their stride, he was exposed to rare gems of Soul, Roots and Hippie Rock musics. His songwriting and performing influences include Randy Newman, Blind Willie Johnson, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Fats Domino, along with the usual suspects: Dylan, Bowie, the Beatles and Stones.

As Jeremy has matured as an artist, he's been drawn more toward Roots musics. He has recently included a spate of country songs in his performance (another step toward his goal of "ever stronger, ever simpler").

Now, on the basis of an eight-week sojourn to Southwest Louisiana, he seems to have found a new home in Cajun country and will soon be leaving Prague -- so come listen and say good bayou to Jeremy.

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