May 5, 2008

Susie Asado (Josepha Conrad)

Susie Asado is a poem by Gertrude Stein. This Susie Asado is Josepha Conrad. She is not a poem although she likes to write them. She also likes Gertrude Stein. So much is apparent. Josepha writes songs and she will sing them for you. Happily. Her songs are about geographic challenges about borders and border patrol about falling in love with border patrol and with countries and that is more than one country.

She likes places such as Mexico although she has never been. She likes the word. She likes Olympia. For the O and the grandeur of it. She likes Berlin. She lives there. Her hometowns are Frankfurt am Main and Chicago and she also suffers from Chief Niwot's Curse having laid her eyes on the Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains.

Yes, she is superstitious. And she drinks a lot of tea. "Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea. Susie Asado." Her debut Album "Hello Antenna", which is about all the above mentioned, is being released by lolila ( in March of 2008. Yeah!

Photo credit: Anja Conrad