January 3, 2005

Ken Nash

Ken Nash spent his youth following a long family tradition of working for the Mongolian State Circus. He toured extensively throughout Asia and Europe caring for the circus’s renowned performing elephants and albino crocodiles. To pass the time during long tours, he made up stories and sang to the animals.

Serchmaa Byambaa, a fortune teller at the renowned Ulan Bator Circus School in Mongolia, predicted Ken would one day live in Czechoslovakia organizing literary and performance events. Ten years later, Ken found himself living in Prague, working as a cartoonist, illustrator and animator. He soon started organizing the Alchemy Reading & Performance Series. Ken still enjoys writing stories and singing for elephants, though.

Ken will be reading from his yet to be completed short story collection The Brain Harvest, and performing original music along with the Quagmire Ensemble. You can view Ken’s illustration and cartoon work online at www.KenNash.com.  Click here for an interview with Ken Nash by Radio Praha