September 20, 2004

King Vitamin (Jeremiah Palecek), and The Histrionics

A night full of musical experiments... Blending gangsta rap, folk music, experimental noise, and boy band exploitation, King Vitamin performs "refined," ear-deafening noises along with heavenly ambient chords in a live performance that's truly original.

In addition to the King Vitamin feature, Alchemy will be hosting Australia’s only conceptual art rock and roll band, The Histrionics. The Histrionics have recently played to rave reviews in Berlin. Their show consists of classic rock and roll played to their own original lyrics, lyrics that "take the piss out of the art world." Their lyrics are projected onto the wall while they play. Audience participation encouraged.

September 6, 2004

Marc Marcel

Marc Marcel is a consummate artist, his talents ranging from a wide selection of artistic gifts. He is a dynamic poet, writer, speaker, and actor.

Marcel is the author of two books, a novel, 'Saint Thomas', and a book of poetry 'Unchained'. He is also a recording artist. His first CD was 'The Day You're Born', his second 'Never Look Back', and his third album, 'Gunpowder' will soon be released. Follow Marc at