November 17, 2003

Joe Sherman

Joe Sherman writes mainly about environmental issues, blending journalism, history, and personal experience. He read from the manuscript of GASP: The Book of Air, which he is presently finishing. It will be published in late 2004.

His other books include In the Rings of Saturn, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction, and Fast Lane on a Dirt Road, a contemporary history of Vermont now considered a modern classic. Sherman has written for G.Q., Smithsonian, Audubon, and other magazines.

His backturner projects include "The Great Ride," an around-the-world story in progress in which he and his son retrace the routes taken by a forebear, the first guy to drive around the world in a car (check out web site,, and In Pursuit of Dracula Land, a collaboration with Dorel Teseru, to make weird sense out of a Disney-like theme park being built in Romania.

Environmentalist Sherman pleads guilty for polluting the skies regularly flying from Vermont, where he has cabin, to Prague, where he has a wife, the poet Jeri Theriault (featured at Alchemy in 2002).