October 20, 2003


Patrick Seguin at the mic and Jan Horkl on a guitar ... and we were drifting...

When you close your eyes and listen to Drift, you become their passenger. Transported to worlds where ravens take out porn queens, skulls get cracked out of arcane love, and kittens trot the globe for heartbreaking kicks, you wonder how the hell you got there and hope that you’ll be allowed to stay.

Consisting of Chris Parsons on guitar and Patrick Seguin on the mike, Drift provokes strong, unapologetic images while maintaining a subtlety in both their anger and humour.

The cool, controlled delivery of the lyrics, coupled with the steady, hypnotic rhythm of the acoustic guitar provide a limitless space where one can lose themselves easily and endlessly. Part-time member Martin Drews contributes a steady foundation of beats that simultaneously ground and expand the sound.