February 17, 2003

Lucien Zell

Poet and singer Lucien Zell was born in California, dropped out of Theater school, and has travelled in Europe for the past nine years. He is the proud father of three children: Eden, Julian, and Jakub. His first collection of poetry, The Sad Cliffs of Light, was published in Prague by the Czech publisher, Dharmagaia, in the Fall of 1999 and a Czech translation was released in the winter of 2001. He is also a singer and is currently set to release his first album. Lucien performed along with musical accompaniment.

February 3, 2003

Gene Deitch

Gene Deitch the author of "For the Love of Prague", his spicy, funny memoir - the true love story of the only free American in Prague during 30 years of communism. If you think you've been here too long, that it's impossible to get anything done here, that the only way to survive in Prague is teaching English, think of Gene Deitch! Gene was here during the Stalinist years, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the euphoria of 1968's Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution and through the changes that followed. While living in this "Absurdistan" with his Czech wife Zdenka, he developed a sucessful career directing animated films, one of which won an Oscar. You can see that he has a lot to tell ...