December 12, 2002

Jull Dajen, Vincent Farnsworth and Thor Garcia

Jull Dajen is in our case a trio, but usually a band of six musicians from all over the Czech Republic. They play an interesting mix of "jazz-folk inspired by renaissance". Thor Garcia is one of the most exciting practitioners of the "new writing" movement, Thor Garcia is the author of "Tund" and "Smell" (both published by The Adam Moss Group). Mr. Garcia currently resides in Prague. Vincent Farnsworth - as a poet, managing editor of the late journal JEJUNE:a.e.i.y., Vincent Farnsworth does Deep Poetics like none other. A longtime Prague resident, he is the author of "Immortal Whistleblower" (Lavender Ink - New Orleans).

December 2, 2002

Kateřina Piňosová

Alchemy featured Surrealist poet/artist Kateřina Piňosová. Kateřina Piňosová, born 1973 Prostějov, Moravia, is a poet, graphic artist, translator and an active participant in the Czech-Slovak Surrealist Group. Her work - in its varied media - has appeared in several journals, including 'Analogon', 'Intervence' and 'Optimism', and in "Surrealist Women: An International Anthology" (Penelope Rosemont, Ed., University of Texas Press, 1998).

In addition to many group shows with the Czech-Slovak Surrealist Group, Pinosova has had several solo exhibitions of her art work in the Czech Republic, the United States and in France. Her books include a collection of poetry,"Housenka smrtihlava" (CZ. Edice Analogon, Prague, 2000), and a collaborative work on the motifs of the Ogham incorporating Piňosová's artwork and poet Laura Conway's texts, "The Alphabet of Trees" (ENG. Concordia Press, Prague, 2002).


November 18, 2002

Poetry Week Celebrations

Local (OK, ex-pat local) poets and writers performed on this an upbeat and fun night followed by an open mic.

November 11, 2002

Šimon Šafránek, Viki Shock and Peter Orner

On this special 2nd-Monday-of-the-the-month reading. Alchemy was pleased to present two rockus Czech poets, Simon Safranek and Viki Shock, visiting from their new home in Berlin. They performed work in English and Czech.

Another special guest, Peter Orner (below) read from his recently published book of short stories "Esther Stories". Peter, who has lived in Prague in recent years, now lives in Rome.

November 5, 2002

Jeri Theriault

Jeri Theriault's poems have appeared in many North American lit mags over the past fifteen years. She has two chapbooks: Corn Dance (Nightshade Press, 1994) and East of Monhegan published during her Fulbright year (1998-9) in Prague.

A third chapbook Catholic is forthcoming from Pudding House Press. Last year she earned third place in the Allen Ginsberg contest sponsored by the Poetry Center in Paterson New Jersey. Theriault currently resides in Prague where she's writing trampoems and teaching at the International School of Prague.


October 7, 2002

Phil Shoenfelt

Phil Shoenfelt, musician, lyricist and novelist: Shoenfelt, and fellow Southern Cross member, violinist, Pavel Cingl, performed 'unplugged': playing songs from their latest CD, "Ecstatic" (to be released end October), and a few favorites from their last CD, "Dead Flowers for Alice." Phil also read from his new work-in-progress, "Stripped", as well as giving us a taste of the perversity and humor of the award-winning "Junkie Love."

Pavel Cingl

October 3, 2002

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook, author of the novel Robbers and the collection of short stories, Screendoor Jesus. He worked as a journalist and human rights activist in the United States, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The "Elmore Leonard of East Texas", Christopher Cook, read for us from his widely acclaimed fiction. Read more at

September 17, 2002

Arata Kitamura

Arata Kitamura is the Artistic Director of Tokyo's Theatre Annees Folles. This was Arata's final theatre performance with her group of performers in Prague, before her return to Japan.